Flat/Bevel Monuments

Flat markers are traditionally made of granite but are also available in marble. Also known as grass or flush markers these are typically four inches thick and can be sized in any shape for both individual and companion memorials. Flat markers are typically four inches thick and can be installed flush with the ground or more popularly installed on top of a granite or concrete foundation. These markers are available in numerous granite and marble colors. Cornerstone Granite Memorials has an almost endless amount of designs available to choose from. As artists, we can also custom design a marker to suit your personal needs.

Bevel markers are typically made of granite and are slightly raised in the back providing an easier surface to view than a flat marker. Bevel markers are traditionally two inches taller in the back than they are in the front and start at six inches thick but are available in many taller sizes as well. For example, a six inch thick bevel marker would taper down to four inches from the back toward the front of the memorial. The same designs available for flat markers can also be used on bevel markers.

For more information about flat and bevel markers and for your free no obligation design consultation please contact us.