About Us


Choosing Cornerstone Granite Memorials

Hello, my name is Robert McAnerney, this is my wife Regina and our beautiful children Alex and Abbi. Together we are the owners and operators of Cornerstone Granite Memorials. We are proud to serve Northern Kansas and Southern Nebraska families and communities for over ten years and counting. We have helped thousands of families choose the perfect memorial ensuring the life legacy of their loved one lives on forever. This is not always an easy process and can be confusing at first if you are not armed with the proper knowledge.

We understand that most people are unfamiliar with the process of purchasing a memorial and are unsure of where to start. Our caring and compassionate, no pressure, consultation will help eliminate the confusion and make the memorialization process comforting during this difficult time. We walk you through every consideration making certain nothing is left out or forgotten. Our goal is to ensure the life legacy of your loved one lives on while working within your expectations, concerns and budget.

We are Family Serving Family

When you purchase a memorial from us you are doing business with us and our reputation of service throughout the whole process. From the moment you open our door and are greeted with a familiar smile to the moment you view the finished memorial, you are dealing with us personally. We walk you through the entire process, however long you require. We help you with design elements and granite selection. We handcraft, carve, deliver and install with no one else between us and your memorial. We are the only ones who can provide you with this level of personal attention. We guarantee our work and are confident in your satisfaction. We look forward to meeting you.