Slant Monuments

Slant memorials are a popular monument choice throughout the heartland. Also known as wedge memorials, these have a more inclined face which allows for better visibility from a distance and for rain and debris to run off keeping the memorial cleaner than flat or bevel markers. Slant memorials are typically sixteen inches tall and are available in a variety of lengths, colors and styles. Slant memorials are a suitable choice for both individual and companion memorials. Slant memorials can be installed directly on a granite or concrete foundation or can also be placed on top of a granite base providing additional height.

Slant memorials come in two main styles which are traditional and western style. Traditional slant memorials have a polished face with a rustic rock pitch nosing on the front. The sides, top and back of the memorial can be polished, rustic rock pitch like the nosing or sawn smooth. Western style slant memorials are made without the front nosing and have a full front face. Cornerstone Granite Memorials has numerous designs available to choose from. As artists, we can also custom design a slant memorial to suit your personal needs.


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