Sculpted Monuments

A sculpted memorial can take form in a multitude of various shapes, sizes, colors, textures and styles. A sculpted monument is typically made of granite, however, it can also be constructed from various other materials as well. The addition of elements other than granite can further enhance this form of expression from bronze sculpture and lettering to stained glass or stainless steel. Sculpted memorials allow you to open the imagination toolbox and creatively express the design elements of your choice.

When creating the perfect memorial for your loved one a sculpted memorial provides your family with unlimited creativity options. Sculpted memorials become more than a memorial and live on as a work of art. There is nothing more durable than a granite cemetery monument to withstand the effects of time and nature when marking the grave of your loved one. Granite monuments are known throughout history as some of the most notable in the world from the time of antiquity and still stand the test of time today.

Cornerstone Granite Memorials understands that not every memorial is the same and that every situation requires a custom approach. We work together with you to hand craft every unique monument based on your specific requirements. For more information regarding the design process please read the design elements page here.

For more information about sculpted monuments and for your free no obligation design consultation please contact us here.

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