Design Elements

While all memorials serve as a historical record of ones existence, not every memorial tells the story of one’s life. The path of a traditional memorial is to be a testament to the fact someone was born, they lived, they passed and are now buried in the grave in which it marks. The other path is to express the legacy of life someone shared with us while they were here. This is a simple process in which you reflect on and tell the story of their life through the creation of the memorial.

The reflection on their life and the memories they leave behind can take many forms. You can express the gift of their life through color, shape, symbolism, written word and design. Technology today offers many more options than ever before, many of which are at no additional cost.

No matter which path you choose it is our job as memorial counselors to help facilitate and guide you through the decision making process. You are in control of this creative process throughout. We help you feature the memories of your choosing and how to express the story you wish to tell. This process can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Remember you are in control.

The design elements page is designed to walk you through the eight different aspects of life in which to pull ideas from. You are able to reflect on these areas and decide which treasured memories you wish to express from them.


 Religious Faith and Beliefs

Religious faith is the central foundation of most of our lives. Faith is what we draw our core principals, values and morals from. Faith tells us that our loved ones are in a much better place and it provides us comfort and strength. Our faith serves as a retreat for understanding the grief and loss we are faced with. Our faith can be expressed through symbolism or the creative writing of scripture or a poem.collage


Special Events and Occasions

Some of the most significant moments in life come from special occasions such as weddings or the birth of our children. These special times can be expressed as a part of life’s journey through the use of anniversary photos either etched or in color ceramic, the listing of children in birth order or through significantly related designs.  There are many options available to suit the desired occasion and are only limited by your imagination.collage


The Working Years

Most of us will spend the better part of our lives working. Our work is usually very important to us and can often be a significant part of who we are and how we provide for our families. Expressing the story of what we do can take many forms from symbolism and writing to pictures and sculptural elements.collage


Life’s Accomplishments

The moments in life we strive the hardest for are sometimes the most memorable. Our goals and dreams drive us toward what we call life’s accomplishments. Whether becoming a state champion as a Senior in high school, earning a college degree, landing a dream job, starting that first business, buying that first farm or adopting a child; most proud achievements you wish to express can be incorporated in the memorial through symbolism, pictures or expressed in written form.collage


Our Character and Traits

Our character and traits are what make us unique as individuals. Memories of our loved ones personality and character are a gift to us which can require a little creativity. A favorite lyric from a song or a line from a poem, an expression or saying often used by them, the way cards or letters were signed, favorite quotes from scripture, and words that express how you would describe them all can be used as ideas of how to feature this aspect of their life.



The Roots of Family Heritage

The root of our family heritage is the story of where we came from and is a part of who we are today. Our family heritage can be expressed by ethnic symbolism, pictures and genealogy. The most common way to express genealogy is to have “Parents of …” followed by the names of your children on the memorial. However, there are many other ways of expressing this as well through shape and sculpture.5894213_m


Social and Civic Contributions

The ways in which we contribute to the communities we live in are an important part of improving the lives of others. As a part of our local organizations, charities and churches; we make our world a better place to live touching one life at a time. As any veteran will tell you, their service to our country is their greatest duty and honor. No matter what organizations one is involved in they do make a difference to those around them.18406232_s


Our Pastimes and Hobbies

The ways in which we spend our free time provide us with passion and excitement in our lives. Hunting, fishing, golf, listening to or playing music, playing or watching sports, gardening, hiking, or going on a walk are just a few of the things we enjoy doing. These interests can provide an opportunity to express special memories in our lives that touch us all.collage