Where to Begin

When beginning the memorial creation process there are several important aspects to consider. Asking yourself some of these important questions will help you prepare for your initial consultation. Taking the time to reflect on these will ensure you remember to include everything that is important to you. It is possible to create and personalize the perfect memorial that reflects your loved one’s life working within your time, distance, requirements, and budget.

Who is the memorial for?

A single individual

A double or companion (husband & wife, brothers, sisters, etc.)

A family (Mother, Father & Children)

A group or organization

What type of burial?

Traditional in ground burial

Cremation in ground burial

Columbarium burial


Where will the memorial be placed?

A cemetery (Public or Private)

A Park or outdoor space

A building (Lobby, Sidewalk, Garden Setting)

What are the cemetery regulations?

Memorial style

- Bench
- Bevel
- Flat or Lawn Level Marker
- Slant
- Upright

Granite Color

Size (Height or Width Restrictions)


- Rustic (Rough)
- Sawn (Smooth)
- Polished (Glossy)

Are there any other regulations?

License or Permit Fees

Design Requirements

- Symbols
- Positioning
- Fonts
- Etc.

What are your initial thoughts?

Traditional – Styles and Colors of other Family Member’s Memorials

Unique  - Style and Color to fit the individuals personality

Design elements that are important to you

What is the budget you need to work within?

What type of budget is the family comfortable working within?

Is there a memorial fund that will be a part of the budget?

Now that you have taken the time to reflect on these important aspects and understand some of the overall considerations, please take the time to look at the individual design elements that you may want to consider including in the memorial.